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Home Builder - Managed Warranty Service

We manage your client's needs for you.

Pre-Closing Walk-through

Managing the final details and keeping track of which sub contractors need to finish the tasks required for closing on time is stressful.  We are there during the pre-closing walk through representing your business and the interests of your buyer to ensure the task list is documented and timely completion is by the responsible party is done for you.

We track the process and communicate updates to make sure the homeowner moves in on the date you agreed on.

First Year Warranty

Home warranty is one reason why they are buying a new home from you, however the warranty process keeps you from focusing on your current build.  
We work with you in advance to develop the written warranty document to be provided to the buyer.  This document defines the responsible parties and the resolution plan for items that develop during the warranty duration.  Claims are reviewed by our team, documented, validated against the warranty document on file for the property and communicate the resolution process or  decline the claim based on the outline of the warranty.  Once the valid claims are reviewed by yourself, we will coordinate the sub contractors to complete the repairs.

11th Month Walk-through

Most warranty claims are not reported until the warranty schedule is about to expire.  As a result, they may seam like the homeowner is filling your voicemail with items they need fixed right away.  

We will handle the 11th month walk through by documenting and validating the claims against the warranty document.  The results of the claims will be reviewed with yourself and sub contractors will be coordinated to complete the repairs based on the warranty agreements you have in place with them.

We will then track the completion of the claims until they are resolved making the process easy for the homeowner and eliminating your focus on the follow up.

Emergency Requests

Not all claims are cracked drywall or peeling paint, some claims can't wait.  In the event of an "emergency item" as defined in the warranty document, we will expedite the repair services as defined by your agreement with your trades or alternate service provider as needed.